Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Around the Way

Today I stayed local. I went grocery shopping with my Mom, took a nap, went for a drive around the old neighborhood, and watched a movie with my Dad.

Before I left the house, I spent time with Gracie...

The grocery shopping was especially nice because there was a Starbucks inside the store. Not only that, but the shopping carts had cupholders on them to make shopping easier. That's my kind of store. Not to mention the large variety of Starbucks in the aisle as well.
Very nice.

After I had a nice long nap and made dinner for the fam, we took a drive around our old neighborhoods.

This is the bodega from my old block ... 210th Street!!!

Random new "Deli for Big Belly" (weird)

A view of the sunsetting at the Throgs Neck Bridge (which connects Queens and the Bronx)

Mister Softee!!!

That's all for now. I'm tired. More tomorrow.

Goodnight!!! :o)

1 comment:

The Ortiz Family est, 2003 said...

U are so crazy hahahaha!

AND a STARBUCKS in a grocery store...thats just GENIUS!! I need to shop there!!

Anyway, I put some updates on my blog (can you say "retro-blogging" lol - pretend you didnt know I put it all up today hahahaha)