Monday, June 4, 2007


Good Afternoon. I am upset. Let me share why...

I bought a pair of cute and inexpensive flip-flops the other day.
I was quite happy about it too.

One just broke.

This is what I get for buying cheap shoes. So ghetto.


Anyway, I had a great weekend. Lots going on ...

We had our women's book club breakfast on Saturday morning ... I had a wedding that afternoon ... church on Sunday ... and a surprise birthday party for my friend Jasmine.

Me & Lindsey ... representin' (in the early morn!)

"Happy Birthday dear Jasmine..."

Jasmine (Baby Josiah) & I


That's all for now ...
I must go and figure out a way to atleast temporarily fix this flip-flop so I don't have to walk half barefoot to my car.
I'm about to pull a MacGyver.
Have a good day guys...
~ J

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