Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Welcome Home Dawn!!!

My wonderful friend Dawn has been away in New York for too long. She's coming back today. PRAISE GOD! I couldn't take one more day without her. She is more than a friend to me ... she's a sister. I thank God for her and thank God that she'll be flying home today!!!


Dawn holding TJ when he was little...


I had a wonderful time with the Lord this morning. God is so good. I was reading about the Crucifixion and Resurrection today in Luke. To think that God sent His son Jesus for a wretch like me is baffling. His love for us is so overwhelming. I praise God today for the Love of Jesus and the ultimate sacrifice He gave for me and for each of you.


I'm missing my brother Matt today. Matt's my best friend and an awesome man of God. It's been a privilege to see all the Lord is doing in him, through him and for him. I am so happy to see God's favor and blessings poured out upon his life. I love him dearly.

Here's a picture of him in India last year...


I must depart now. Gotta go work hard for the penny.

I leave you with some pictures...

My wallpaper on my computer @ work

Morning Glory.

See ya!

Have a blessed day!!!

~ J

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