Monday, May 14, 2007

Weekend's Over

My, how weekends fly by. It's not even right!!!
It's a beautiful day however. A beautiful morning with new mercies. For that, I am grateful.
I had a fairly busy weekend. On Friday evening, several women took a friend out to celebrate her upcoming wedding. My friend Kate & I drove together and we had some spare time beforehand so we decided to stop in Bloomingdale's. I thought I had lost my sunglasses (I found them!) and we looked through the "clearance" sunglasses section ... clearance meaning $109. We tried some on. I think they look particularly nice, especially with the nice white piece in the middle...
America's Top Model?
"Dahling ... you look fabulous!"
After we turned down the steals - I mean deals - we walked over to the Cheesecake Factory to meet up with everyone. Here's a picture of Kate & I that looks a little more accurate...

Me & Kate ... love this girl!!!

On Saturday evening, I was driving to a birthday party and turned onto Cicero to see a gigantic fire. It turns out that it was a factory. At one point, I was so close that I could see and hear the flames. It was a sunny day but the parking lot near the fire was dark and ashes were flying around. Even with me being inside the car with the windows closed, I could still smell the smoke. Praise God that no one was hurt. I read this morning that there were four people inside the factory but everyone got out unharmed.

This is the view from my car.
Sunday was Mother's Day and since I couldn't spend the day with my Mom, I went home to do laundry. I was sad I couldn't see her but I look forward to visiting the family in New York this summer. I'm glad my brother Matt was able to go over there yesterday.
Finishing all my laundry was quite the accomplishment. I even packed away all my winter clothes and put them in storage. (Hopefully winter's officially over in Chicago!)
It was a productive afternoon ... plus I got to sleep super early!

Now all I need to do is fold!
This morning, I woke up on time and got to work on time and had time to drink coffee!
Mr. Coffee ... I love this guy!

I'm off to work hard for the penny! Until next time...
~ J

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Josh and Kate plus 1 said...

You're too stinkin cute! I love reading your blog, you just make me laugh like crazy!