Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I ran out of half & half this morning but remembered that I had a container in the fridge at work. So I poured black coffee into my mug and left for work ... only to find out that the half & half had expired.

What does this mean? It means I've had no coffee today.

On to better subjects...

I remembered my flashdrive today so I'm including a few highlights of the past few days.

Jamie's Birthday

Too much birthday cake?

Walgreen's giftcard ... very special!



Breakfast after the 5K
Waiting for my coffee

The coffee was HORRID.

Sunday @ David & Jonathan's Graduation Party

( I didn't get a picture of the two of them together)

Ashley, me & Becky

That's all for now. I'm still not feeling well and am completely out of it.

More tomorrow...

~ J

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