Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Some thoughts...

Good Morning All. It's Wednesday. Already at the half way point. I love 4-day work weeks! Wednesdays are cool cuz I have choir rehearsal, which I love. We are having a concert in June and I'm really looking forward to it.
So this morning when I walked out of my apartment, a squirrel fell out of a tree and landed a few feet in front of me. I have issues with squirrels in general but I must say, Chicago squirrels are bold. I don't remember having experiences such as these when I lived in New York. There's squirrels all over the place here and they have no shame in coming all close to you. That is revolting.

I have something else on my mind that I feel to share. I am extremely unhappy with Mary Kay's new ultimate mascara. Ultimate? More like the ultimate disappointment. It makes my eyelashes very clumpy, like I've been crying for seven hours or something. I like the old mascara better. I may search for something else. I know the right one is out there.

Anyway, I leave for NY exactly a month from today. I'll be going home for a week (over July 4th) which will be nice. I'm looking forward to spending time with my family. Hopefully two of my favorite young ladies from church who say they want to come along will do so.
(hint hint: Kassandra and Alexis)

I know if they come, they'll have a blast. Who wouldn't have a blast with me in NY? :)



I am going to depart now. Maybe I'll come back later to share some more thoughts. I will probably have a revelation after I finish my second cup of coffee.

Have a great day!

~ J

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