Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Thursday Morning

This Thursday morning didn't start off so well. I fell asleep last night without setting my alarm. Praise God that He opened my eyes @ 7:12 am, giving me just enough time to get to work by 8:00 am. (It's a blessing to live only a mile away from work!) The downside of rushing out was that I was unable to make my coffee. This was quite difficult for me. But, since I have quite the little stash of coffee in the office, I was able to run to the coffee maker right away and start my brewin'!
Some may say I'm a coffee snob. I disagree. I just feel that if your coffee isn't strong enough to open your eyes on the first sip, then it's not real coffee. I don't feel my coffee is unusually or abnormally strong but since a co-worker says it makes her toes curl, I now label the pot I make it in to give people a heads up.
My coffee doesn't make my toes curl ... it makes my heart warm.
Anyway, here's a glimpse of my morning once I got to work...
(the stash)

(the pot)
(the cup)
(the joy)

One of the nice things about where my office is located is that I have a great view ... especially on a beautiful day like today. I can appreciate the view all the more now that my eyes have been opened by the bean. Here's a shot from my window...

On a sadder note, I will be surrendering my NY license plates today. I finally made the switch to Illinois plates and an Illinois license. The IL DMV immediately took my license! (tear) Some people are able to keep their plates from other states (like California, Tennessee) but NY is one of the few states that requires you to surrender the plates. If not, you have to pay insurance for NYS which will not be happening cuz IL is way cheaper.

So, after six years of AGR-5770, I say goodbye...

Anyway friends, I hope you have a great day! Until next time...
~ J

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