Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Joe!!!

First off, I wanna give a birthday shot out to my BOY Joe...
Happy Birthday Brotha!!!
Joe T ... always smilin'
Joe and I have been friends for over a decade. Man, time flies! I am so grateful for his friendship. He knew me back in my crazy "B.C." days and was still my friend! He's been solid throughout the many ups and downs and I have no doubt that he will be a life long friend. The way we met (back in '96!) was so off the wall that most times we just skip the long complicated story and just say we met in the summer of '96 through a friend of a friend of a friend ... I think. We're still not quite sure but it doesn't really matter cuz we're friends 11 years later. We have the nomadic thing in common ... living all over the country throughout these years. He's lived in New York (upstate & LI), Indiana, Connecticut and now Virginia. And of course, I've been on my little journey back and forth from New York, Chicago and Texas (now back in Chi ... PRAISE THE LORD!)
I thank God for Joe and for the wonderful friend he is. I pray that this is a wonderful birthday for him and that this year will be his best yet ... full of God's blessings.
I love ya, bro!!!
I woke up early this morning ... earlier than normal ... Praise God!
It was a great morning, too.

Jesus and coffee ... what more does one need?
Post Devotions & Coffee ... Happy Jenn!
Anyway ... Have a great day everyone! It's a beautiful day. Enjoy it!
~ J

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