Friday, August 7, 2015


Let me start off by telling you that I totally did not want to write this blog post. At all. In fact, I decided there was something ‘better’ to write on so I devoted a ton of time crafting the right words to share. A bunch of words, at that. I was ready to post it here on the blog and then realized that my file didn’t save and I lost everything. Totally not a coincidence. I couldn’t even get mad. I can’t help but think it was because I was supposed to write about the very thing I really didn’t want to write about. Yet I know I must. And if nothing else, it’s probably just for me. Not to mention obeying the Lord. But since the opposition in me finishing this little blog post has been great, I trust that it must be something to share. So, alas, here I am.

Ever have a recurring theme in your life? No matter where you turn, the topic is in your face? Whenever I sense a thread throughout circumstances that are completely unrelated, I know it’s time to stop and listen closely to what the Lord is saying. Even if I don’t want to hear it. Actually, especially when I don’t want to hear it. My present recurring theme? JOY. The thing we’re told in scripture to consider in the midst of our trials. Basically the last thing I want to consider right now. But I must. And if ever there was a season, it’s now.

Joy quotes in books, joy posts on social media, joy lyrics in songs… it’s been everywhere. For cryin’ out loud, I even have a tattoo on my arm that says joy in Hebrew. Strategically inked. Not because I always have joy but as a reminder to myself to always fight for it...

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


My parents just came back from Alaska. They were blessed to go on a cruise they not only saw the beauty of this part of the world but where Dr. David Jeremiah shared a word every day and different Christian artists ministered in music. They brought me a souvenir from the trip: a devotional by Dr. Jeremiah and he wrote on the inside cover.

The first devotional entry I read was entitled, “Staying Afloat,” and it talked about fisherman who get stranded at sea, fall off boats, and perish in storms. Statistics were included about the high death rate of commercial fishing. Dr. Jeremiah went on to say that “some have drowned because they couldn’t get their rafts to inflate in a crisis. Instead of a buoyant life raft, they had a useless glob of deadly rubber in the water.”

BUOYANT (adjective)

1. tending to float in a fluid.

2. capable of keeping a body afloat, as a liquid.

3. not easily depressed; cheerful.

4. cheering or invigorating.

Interesting. The word buoy popped out at me just a few weeks ago. It’s not a common word in our everyday vernacular, at least not in mine, so my spiritual antennas went up quickly. You know me and words… 

Thursday, July 9, 2015


I’m in my third week of a Bible study on 1, 2, 3 John called What Love Is. It’s been incredible and so timely. God knows what we need and when we need it. The way John wrote these letters was raw. In your face. No beating around the bush. Nothing flowery. And though the letter can seem a little harsh on a day you’re looking for something soft and encouraging, when you know the time in which the letter was written, you can understand the urgency of John’s words. People once in their very circle had been deceived and gone astray and John, in sincere love, exposes the lies and reminds them of the truth. We’re living in a similar day so the urgency still applies...

Friday, July 3, 2015


Exhilarating and excruciating.  Frustrating but fun. Grueling yet glorious.

If you’re called to anything of any value, particularly and especially in the Kingdom of God, you can identify with all of the above on any given day. My journey with writing has been a love/hate relationship. I love writing, I hate writing. I start, I stop. I’m inspired, then distracted. I stand up, I get knocked down. Today I’m getting back up. For the gazillionth time...